6 Pianos, 1 Piece

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on May 2, 2016

Music store in NH from Darrell'sThe average person who can play the piano in Boston can only dream of becoming a composer or playing all the great music they can. Many times however, that music only requires a single piano and maybe an organ. Many pieces will require many violins, flutes, or other instruments to sound right, but the piano usually is only one. Until now.

One of the few pieces of music to require multiple pianos, is strictly a piano piece. Composer Nathan Felix has written a piece of music for 6, yes six, pianos. The interesting thing, Felix did not play piano before writing his composition.

When Felix became a composer in 2013, he had no musical training beforehand. He went in to the composing field blind and has successfully written choral and orchestral compositions. He had not made the jump to piano until last year.

He started writing while he lived in Los Angeles. It sounds like a fairy tale when you listen to the story that he tells about his history as a composer. He moved back to Rundberg, Texas. Rundberg is a neighborhood north of Austin that has seen tough times. They are beginning to revitalize the area, so he wanted to be able to be a part of the revitalization of his home town.

He composed the piece completely blind to how it would sound until he held a “Classical Music Kegger” at his apartment. When it was ready to be performed, he gathered 6 pianos from craigslist. They were relatively badly tuned so with the help of piano tuners he got them up to playing speed. He then found 6 pianists to perform the piece for the people that he invited over. And he invited the whole neighborhood.

That was the first time the piece was performed so Felix would find out on the night of the performance whether it sounded right or not. Thankfully, the sound flowed together. Here is a brief clip from the performance. After the “Kegger” he had no use for the piano. Felix donated all six freshly tuned pianos to schools in the area for the kids who needed it most.

While you figure out the best way to approach the piano in Boston, Felix has wowed a community with his music and willingness to give back to the community. Unfortunatly you will need to wait if you want to perform Felix’s piece, though it will be interesting to see what his new piece will bring around this time.

While Darrell’s may not have the sheet music for the piece, we can offer you sheet music that matches all levels of pianist. As your local piano store in New Hampshire we can help you embody the joys of music the Felix gave to dozens of students in the North Austin neighborhood.

If anything, Nathan Felix has proved that when you take a chance, you can make wonderful things happen. When you are ready to come see what we have, stop in or give us a call and we will help you find the right piano and sheet music for you.