Every person is unique and has different needs and abilities. More often than not, people use a creative outlet to enrich their lives, and many settle on music. If you’re less likely to audition for The Voice, chances are you will gravitate toward an instrument. With such a large selection, how do you know which […]

Some people stick with one instrument forever and love to hone their craft to a “T.” Others are more content to explore as much as they can and master a variety of instruments. Whatever your preference is, a piano is a solid foundation for your musical journey. In fact, pianos in Massachusetts can be the […]

Picking up a new instrument is exciting. Everyone has a different style, and finding their new musical instrument is a fun journey. When it comes to searching for pianos in Massachusetts, a question presents itself right from the start: should you purchase a digital or acoustic piano? There are advantages to each, and assessing them will […]

Finding the best music store for you is beneficial, as it offers plenty of material for a music lover. Whether you are searching for a new instrument or want to enroll in music lessons, Darrell’s Music Hall has all you require from a music store in NH. Find out what makes us so great below! […]

Posted on May 31, 2017 in General Piano Topics

As a music store in NH that understands how important creativity is, we get that going DIY and self-teaching an instrument to yourself is a beneficial, fun, and creative activity. However, we also love seeing students come into our store every day and learning from our instructors. When it comes to truly learning an instrument, […]