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Every year you just can’t wait. It’s the day after Halloween, and you’re already taking down the scarecrows and Jack-o-Lanterns to replace them with wreaths and plastic reindeer. While you play the obligatory round of “Alice’s Restaurant” on Thanksgiving, the majority of your time goes to favorite renditions of carols. Using violins and pianos in […]

When you think of classical music, the first instrument that comes to your mind is the piano. Part of the reason for this is the beautiful melodies it produces are easily identifiable. Another reason for this is the history behind the piano. It has remained a popular instrument of choice for centuries. Before masters like […]

Music lessons are a resource that not enough people take full advantage of. When people embrace music, beautiful things can happen. Music is a creative outlet for both the musician and the audience. It builds connections and promotes understanding. Music lessons take all the creativity and help you focus it into improving your craft with […]

Taking up a musical instrument is a worthwhile hobby for any age. It teaches patience and dedication. Playing music is a creative outlet that can relieve stress and make you feel accomplished. Figuring out which instrument you want to pick up and keeping well stocked on sheet music can be hard. So you need to […]

Some people stick with one instrument forever and love to hone their craft to a “T.” Others are more content to explore as much as they can and master a variety of instruments. Whatever your preference is, a piano is a solid foundation for your musical journey. In fact, pianos in Massachusetts can be the […]

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As a music store in NH that understands how important creativity is, we get that going DIY and self-teaching an instrument to yourself is a beneficial, fun, and creative activity. However, we also love seeing students come into our store every day and learning from our instructors. When it comes to truly learning an instrument, […]

Posted on August 31, 2016 in General Piano Topics

There is something beautiful about watching someone pour their heart and soul into a musical masterpiece. It seems that Hollywood has already caught wind of the fascination of what playing can do for the soul. Many movies have been released that plays on the emotional edge of its audience while capturing the healing properties that the […]

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When you are looking for options for a piano store in New Hampshire you can guarantee that it can be overwhelming. Whether you are planning on getting into learning piano or are an experienced player you are able to get overwhelmed by your choices when it comes to a piano and finding a store that meets […]

Posted on August 24, 2016 in General Piano Topics

Learning to play the piano can be a complicated feat to accomplish. With the world today being so fast paced, there is little down time. Those 2 hours you take to practice every day is nothing compared with what you should be practicing to be the best you can be. If you could properly immerse […]

Posted on August 17, 2016 in General Piano Topics

When you learn to play an instrument, one of the key factors is to be able to read music. You will learn all of the notes from E to G and be able to know where your hands will be placed to create the masterpiece you are reading from. However, with a surge in online […]