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Back by popular demand, street pianos are returning to Nashua, NH in May.  Inspired by “Play Me, I’m Yours,” the street pianos in MA go no further north than Boston.  Thus, for the fourth year in a row, Darrell’s Music Hall, North Main Music, and Great American Downtown have partnered to bring a similar exhibition […]

It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you go your earmuffs are filled with the gentle and melodic sounds of Christmas carols and holiday songs. So many of these songs sound similar and yet completely different. While some of that comes from lyrics promoting holiday cheer and goodwill toward others, the rest of that sound […]

Everybody has a favorite musical artist they love to listen to. Modern-day titans of the music scene include Ariana Grande, Kanye West, and Beyonce. The job of musicians is to entertain but also inspire people to follow their own passions. Oftentimes, listening to music convinces people to create music themselves by playing pianos in NH. […]

Whether you play a piano in Boston or prefer to strum a guitar, there’s no denying that being a musician can be a fun ride. Hobbyists and career players alike should always look to improve, though, and you should have some ideas to make a difference in how you play and write music. Sometimes, musicians […]

If you own a traditional piano in Boston, the chances are that you grew accustomed to it and can’t envision trying anything else. After all, you learned about it and practiced with it every day. Still, technology is growing as fast as ever and providing more innovations in every field. Instruments are no exception! Digital […]

Plenty of music stores in NH have a decent selection of new and used instruments. If you’re lucky, they’ll also have a staff that knows a lot about music that can provide helpful hints. However, not all stores offer music lessons, which Darrell’s Music Hall is proud to have ready. Whether you’re a seasoned pro […]

Finding the best instrument for you takes a lot of introspection and consideration. You’ll research the best brands out there, and want the hottest and newest gear. Unfortunately, the prices usually are higher than you can afford. Chances are you just wait and save up for a while or go for a lesser known brand. […]

Some people stick with one instrument forever and love to hone their craft to a “T.” Others are more content to explore as much as they can and master a variety of instruments. Whatever your preference is, a piano is a solid foundation for your musical journey. In fact, pianos in Massachusetts can be the […]

Picking up a new instrument is exciting. Everyone has a different style, and finding their new musical instrument is a fun journey. When it comes to searching for pianos in Massachusetts, a question presents itself right from the start: should you purchase a digital or acoustic piano? There are advantages to each, and assessing them will […]

Finding the best music store for you is beneficial, as it offers plenty of material for a music lover. Whether you are searching for a new instrument or want to enroll in music lessons, Darrell’s Music Hall has all you require from a music store in NH. Find out what makes us so great below! […]