Yamaha pianos

In today’s world musicians can be choosey with their instruments.  There are hundreds of manufacturers worldwide producing a wide selection of pianos. Developed in the early 18th century the piano is often associated with artists like Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, and Chopin.  These artists played the same classical style piano. Modern day artists can now choose […]

When you’re a newcomer to something, it’s hard to grasp all of the concepts at once. Especially for something as creative and involved as music, getting to know the ropes is important. Learning how to play your instrument is the primary goal, but it goes beyond just picking up your guitar at a music store […]

When you’re shopping around for new instruments or other musical odds and ends, it’s all about the unique finds. Darrell’s Music Hall is happy to be one of the coolest music stores in NH, and we have plenty of things you can find at our shop when you visit. We go beyond simple instrument displays. […]

Picking up a new instrument is exciting. Everyone has a different style, and finding their new musical instrument is a fun journey. When it comes to searching for pianos in Massachusetts, a question presents itself right from the start: should you purchase a digital or acoustic piano? There are advantages to each, and assessing them will […]