When You Should Consider Renting a Piano

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on April 27, 2018

piano in NHPeople often think that buying a piano is the better than renting because they have complete autonomy over the instrument. Still, there are plenty of advantages to renting that people should consider. If you think both options are great and aren’t sure which choice to go with when you visit Darrell’s Music Hall, then you should ask yourself: is your lifestyle more suited for a rental instead of buying a piano in NH?



Starting out

Often, people buy shiny new instruments to get themselves enthusiastic about learning it, or they do it for their children. While that is entirely your choice, there’s no telling if you will keep up the practice and maintenance owning an instrument requires. Life happens, and sometimes, people give up hobbies they enjoy or wanted to hone. If you rent a piano and end up loving it, then you can spend even more on your hobby.


Budget concerns

It’s no secret that buying a brand new piano in NH is more expensive than renting it for however long you do. If you are very interested in learning how to play an instrument but could stand to save some money for bills or other costs, renting is an excellent way to get the fundamentals down without a heftier price tag.


Trying something new

Perhaps you’re an old-school piano player and enjoy using a grand piano instead of anything more current. That’s great! Darrell’s Music Hall has plenty of classic options available. However, if you want to try a fresh new digital piano, you can still see what it’s all about without a firm commitment. Rental enables you to play with the instruments and get a feel for them while keeping what you have on hand.


A limited time frame

Do you only want or need to use a piano for a short amount of time? If so, renting is the ideal alternative for you and one that we highly suggest. When you have a limited timeframe, commit yourself to the instrument as long as you need to, give it back (in excellent condition!), and then move on with your life. It’s that simple.



Renting is a quality alternative to buying that people should never count out if they need a piano in NH. We have plenty of models available, so please give us a call at (603)-886-1748 and see what we can do for you today!