These Are The Differences Between Rental and New Equipment

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on January 19, 2018

piano in BostonOne of the best parts of being a musician is the sheer amount of options available. You can strum a guitar, bang on the drums, or even get creative with a woodwind instrument. The world of music is vast and full of possibilities. Still, when you’re shopping for a piano in Boston, the selection may seem overwhelming. In addition to the variety itself, there are also two primary ownership options: renting an instrument or buying it outright. How do you know which is right for you?



Consider buying a NEW instrument if…

-You invest plenty of time and money into your craft and know you want to stick with your instrument.

-Extra features and customization options entice you.

-Your budget is considerably sized and has room to adjust.

-Having the newest, freshest item on the market is appealing to you.


Consider RENTAL if…

-A new piano in Boston is just not affordable at the moment.

-You’re still learning and unsure if you intend to practice your instrument on a regular basis.

-You want to save money: rental is cheaper than owning outright!

-Having no-frills is ideal, and you’re content with primary outputs and equipment.

-You want to try a model but aren’t sure if you like it enough to buy it just yet.



Often, rental is the first avenue people go through when they begin playing an instrument. It’s a good idea since it provides the equipment you need without excess material and cost. For the more experienced musician or someone who is very passionate about creating music, buying a brand new piano in Boston is just as good of a solution.

Whether you want to rent or buy outright, Darrell’s Music Hall has the selection you need to satisfy your inner artist. For more information about our products and what we offer, give us a call at (800)-339-6818!