Why You Should Embrace Digital Pianos

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on February 13, 2018

piano in BostonIf you own a traditional piano in Boston, the chances are that you grew accustomed to it and can’t envision trying anything else. After all, you learned about it and practiced with it every day. Still, technology is growing as fast as ever and providing more innovations in every field. Instruments are no exception! Digital pianos are on the rise, and Darrell’s Music Hall has an expanding collection. If you’ve yet to give them a try, we urge you to give them an honest try.




  • More audio options

Thanks to digital innovation, you can create sounds people never imagined before. Newer digital piano models provide various tones, keys, and effects that create fascinating arrangements. A digital piano enables you to get even more creative than before and give some very cool sonic recordings! Your songwriting process will change immediately.



  • Compatibility

Nearly everything you know gets innovated at some point or another. As such, you need to keep up with The Joneses and upgrade technology on a semi-regular basis. While it can sometimes be pricey, technology has become much more collaborative. A digital piano in Boston can connect to pedals, outputs, and other electronics that make playing piano such a fun adventure.



  • They’re the future

Evolution is bittersweet. As we embrace fancy new devices, we eventually have to say goodbye to classics that we’ve come to love. While we’re not sure that everyone will throw their original pianos out the window or that they’ll go away entirely, it’s fair to assume that digital pianos are the wave of the future and will become more commonplace.



  • Affordability

Cost is an issue that unites musicians from all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. Whether you are just starting to learn music or are a seasoned professional, it’s great when you can get a quality instrument or accessory at an affordable price. Digital piano models are, on the whole, cheaper than standard models we see. If the price point is a factor in what models you purchase, going digital could be the best route for you to consider.




While traditional instruments we know and love have their place, there’s no denying that technology influences the market. Digital pianos are an excellent addition to the piano universe, and we think you should visit our store and see one for yourself. To find a quality piano in Boston, consider going digital. For more information about our business, give Darrell’s Music Hall a call at (603)-886-1748!