Five of the Best Things About Guitars

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on December 26, 2017

music store in NHAs a music store in NH, there’s not much we love more than talking about instruments and their capabilities. Whether it’s through our diverse inventory, offering advice, or providing music lessons, we love sharing what makes instruments great. While many people consider a piano the best starter instrument, a guitar can work just as well. We have a variety of models for sale and encourage you to try one out. After all, there’s plenty to love about them!



1.) Variety

It’s very rare to find a guitar that looks just like another. Since guitars bases are often highly customizable wood, there’s no shortage of designs on the market. Both electric and acoustic guitars come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. There are so many brands out there that you’ll undoubtedly find the right instrument. You’ll see how broad they are when you look at our inventory of Yamaha guitars!


2.) It provides the basics, too

A guitar is a great starter instrument because it offers many of the same things a piano does. You can practice exercises like scales and chords and learn to read music once you start guitar lessons – which you can enroll in at our music store in NH!


3.) The sonic possibilities are endless

Something made of wood, pickups, and strings seems somewhat simple, right? While a guitar appears straightforward, it can provide endless types of tones and sounds. Whether you want to form a classic rock cover band or dive into punk rock, you’ll be able to find pedals, strings, or amps that will give you the tone you want. With the right equipment, you’ll be able to come up with tons of brand new sounds and stay creative.


4.) Portability

Luckily for people who are on the go, guitars are relatively portable. Find a reliable case, and you’re good to go! Of course, you’ll need to transport more than your carrier if you end up buying accessories, but it doesn’t change the fact that guitars themselves are small enough to bring from Point A to Point B with ease.


5.) Suitable price range

Over the years, more and more guitar manufacturers have come around to the fact that some people don’t stick with their instruments and may never make it past the “beginning” stage. Now, more starter kits are available than ever. You can invest in that or spend top dollar on a brand you trust. Whatever your needs are, there’s bound to be a guitar that’s within your price range. Just ask us to help you, and we’ll set you up with a Yamaha model perfect for your budget!



Guitars are fun, experimental, and well-made instruments that everyone loves. To learn more about our selection and music lessons, give us a call at (603)-886-1748. We’re a music store in NH you’ll love.