Four Fun Things You Can Find At Darrell’s Music Hall

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on August 30, 2017

music stores in NHWhen you’re shopping around for new instruments or other musical odds and ends, it’s all about the unique finds. Darrell’s Music Hall is happy to be one of the coolest music stores in NH, and we have plenty of things you can find at our shop when you visit. We go beyond simple instrument displays.



1.) New and Used Instruments

Some music stores in NH offer new gear exclusively, while others prefer to keep it vintage and take in used instruments. Darrell’s Music Hall has both available! Whether you want to own a brand new piece or are a newcomer starting with a maintained used instrument, you’re bound to find something here that satisfies you.


2.) Lessons

If you’re going to buy an instrument at Darrell’s, why not take your music hobby a step further and get to know our staff through structured music lessons? Our staff of experienced musicians teaches a variety of instruments, from guitar and piano to drums. Become an expert and create music of your own!


3.) Sheet Music

Though Google is a great source, it’s hard to read music from a phone or computer screen. Sheet music is always your best bet to see the inner details and understand song structure. Shop our extensive selection and find music for contemporary hits and old-school classics alike.


4.) Accessories

A few instruments out there can function without any bells or whistles, but plenty needs supplies to keep going. At Darrell’s, you’ll find essentials like guitar strings, pitch forks, and drum sticks to fuel your musical journey.



Darrell’s Music Hall is happy to offer more than most music stores in NH, and we’re eager to meet more customers. Give us a call at (800)-339-6818 and see what we can do for you today!