Instrument Maintenance Tips

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on September 12, 2017

Music store in NHWhen you’re a newcomer to something, it’s hard to grasp all of the concepts at once. Especially for something as creative and involved as music, getting to know the ropes is important. Learning how to play your instrument is the primary goal, but it goes beyond just picking up your guitar at a music store in NH. Maintenance is just as important and keeps your instrument working.

Darrell’s Music Hall has a staff knowledgeable about music, from playing it to the lesser-known aspects of being a musician. We’re happy to offer some tips to help rookie and seasoned players alike maintain their instruments of choice.



Create A Routine That Is Manageable

We’ve all been there: for one reason or another, we just don’t have the energy to attend to smaller, less important duties during the day. However, it helps a lot to step back and think about what you can handle on a daily, weekly, or however often you choose basis. Then, implement it into your schedule and adjust. If you make it simple enough to handle, you’ll be able to keep it up.


Accept No Substitutes – Buy The Real Stuff

It’s all too tempting to go DIY and use what we have at home already to fix something. It saves you money and doubles the purpose of the product. Instruments have requirements, though, and need solutions and tailor-made polishes for them to get clean. Don’t Windex your Fender; buy some polish at a music store in NH. You will avoid damage and plenty of headaches!


When In Doubt, Ask An Expert

At one point or another, we have to ask questions, so we understand a concept further. Can you imagine going through school without ever asking about an idea? Though it may seem embarrassing to ask how to apply a finish or the best way to string a guitar, don’t hesitate. An expert, like the ones at Darrell’s, should be willing to offer some solutions that will ensure it gets done right.



Now that you’re an instrument owner, you have to take pride in your gear and take care of it. Otherwise, it won’t work well or, worse, get damaged. If you are looking for a music store in NH that has all you need to start your musical journey, visit Darrell’s Music Hall. Call us at (800)-339-6818 and see what we can do for you today!