Instruments that Sound like the Holidays

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on December 28, 2018

It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you go your earmuffs are filled with the gentle and melodic sounds of Christmas carols and holiday songs. So many of these songs sound similar and yet completely different. While some of that comes from lyrics promoting holiday cheer and goodwill toward others, the rest of that sound comes from the instruments making the music. For those who have been to a holiday concert or taken part in piano sales, you’ll probably recognize these instruments that sound like the holidays.


Bells are a classic for any holiday song. The tradition of bells being associated with Christmas came from church bells when the holiday was purely religious. As the holiday shifted to a cultural staple, the bells then represented sleigh bells from Santa.


The piano pops up in nearly every genre of music. It’s considered the king of all instruments for a reason. You can hear the piano in such tunes as “Jingle Bells” and “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree.” If you consider piano sales near you, you can even hear the piano at home.


This horn is a versatile instrument used for a variety of sounds in holiday music. Some songs have a beautiful trumpet solo to boost energy while other songs use it to emulate other noises, such as horses.


The organ is like a piano but haunted and scary. The sounds that come from an organ are powerful and dramatic. Because of this, the organ is the perfect instrument for songs like “Silent Night” or “O, Holy Night.”


The violin is the superhero of the string family. It can make so many different sounds across its four strings. They fit into any Christmas carol you can think of and bring the sound of holiday cheer to life.


Come to think of it, no holiday song featuring a harp jumps out. Still, the harp is a beautiful instrument. The sounds it makes are light, bouncy, and melodic. A harp could fit into any carol you want to play, and it will sound even more yuletide and gay for the choice.

No matter how you listen, some instruments just sound like the holidays. For those interested in playing one of these instruments or in piano sales, look no further than Darrell’s Music Hall. For more information, call Darrell’s at 800-339-6818 or visit them online.