Five Things That Improve Musicianship

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on March 13, 2018

piano in BostonWhether you play a piano in Boston or prefer to strum a guitar, there’s no denying that being a musician can be a fun ride. Hobbyists and career players alike should always look to improve, though, and you should have some ideas to make a difference in how you play and write music. Sometimes, musicians feel fatigued and are unsure of how to push their creative limits. If you want to improve your musicianship, take the following into consideration!


1.) Practice

You’ll never master your craft if you don’t spend enough time honing it and trying your best. Implementing a practice routine – even if it’s just for a short amount of time every day – can make a huge difference. Soon, you’ll master scales and be able to write with ease if you apply yourself. To make practice fun, we suggest looking up routines your favorite musicians use.


2.) Gear

The wonderful thing about music accessories is that they can serve multiple purposes. A metronome that improves timing and discipline can sit right alongside a guitar effect pedal that makes your music sound out of this world. For maintenance and experimentation alike, finding the right gear can make all of the difference in your playing and writing style.


3.) Talk to other musicians

The chances are that if you know a lot about your instrument, you’re passionate about music. Instead of playing your piano in Boston alone, why not meet up with fellow musicians and have a jam session? You’ll be able to absorb different playing styles, tips, and other music advice if you surround yourself with the right company. You never know what you’ll create when you find people who share your passions!


4.) Goals

What do you want to accomplish? When you’re stuck with something, it helps to figure out what path to take and how to get there. If you want to improve your playing overall, think of the structural goals you can accomplish. To get more experimental, consider how you can step outside the box and be creative.


5.) Passion

If your heart isn’t in something, you simply can’t give it your all. And that’s ok! Life is too short to occupy your life with things that don’t make you happy. When you find passion lacking, try to find it again so you can be creative, enamored, and excited about music.



There are almost always things you can do to improve your life, and being a musician means honing your skills consistently. Try these tips on for size and you’ll be happy to play your piano in Boston. For all of your music needs, visit Darrell’s Music Hall. Give us a call at (800)-339-6818 and see what we can do for you today!