Pianos in Hollywood

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on August 31, 2016

There is something beautiful about watching someone pour their heart and soul into a musical masterpiece. It seems that Hollywood has already caught wind of the fascination of what playing can do for the soul. Many movies have been released that plays on the emotional edge of its audience while capturing the healing properties that the music can supply to those characters within the movie. We looked around to see what movies we felt captures the emotions we have as a family owned music store in NH when it comes to the beauty of pianos.

The Pianist

One of the more recent films, The Pianist was released in 2003. This movie follows Wladysalw Szpilman, a Polish Jew during the terrors of World War II. Located in the Warsaw ghetto, the musician struggles against the Nazi’s and the risk of what could come. A biopic of the man that survived the holocaust continues to inspire and show what music can do for the soul.


Another biopic Ray highlights the life of Ray Charles. Known for his deep voice and piano rifts, Ray Charles is portrayed by Jamie Foxx and this movie follows from when he goes blind to his fame in the 50s and 60s. Released in 2004, this movie is a must see for all music fans.

The PianoPiano Store in New Hampshire

Released in 1993 and lending towards the romantic side of the piano, The Piano follows a mute woman on her journey to an arranged marriage. The woman, along with her daughter travels to New Zealand in the 1850 for an arranged marriage by a wealthy landowner, However, she catches a local workers eye and complications ensue. This movie lends to the romantic aspect that comes along with piano music.

Four Minutes

Now we come to the hard life aspect of the piano. In 2006, 4 minutes was released, the original title was Vier Minuten and this movie follows an elderly piano teacher who helps teach a young convict at the penitentiary. The movie creates bonds between the two as each reveal a troubled past that led them to where they are at that moment. Be prepared though, the movie is in German and subtitles will be read!


Leaving the realm of fiction for a documentary, Pianomania follows a Steinway piano tuner, Stefan Knupfer in his search to find the perfect pitch in various concert halls around the world. Along with famous clients Lang Lang, Brendel, Buchbinder and Pierr-Laurent Aimard the search allows a behind the scenes look at Concert halls and the work that is needed to make the concerts what they are.

Music Stores in NH can provide you with the piano to make your music skills shine. However, we can only supply you the instruments not the passion. By watching movies that capture the magic of the piano can inspire young pianists and old aficionados. When you are ready, settle down watch a movie the stop into Darrell’s to experience the magic for yourself.