Pianos on the Go

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on August 24, 2016

Learning to play the piano can be a complicated feat to accomplish. With the world today being so fast paced, there is little down time. Those 2 hours you take to practice every day is nothing compared with what you should be practicing to be the best you can be. If you could properly immerse yourself into piano that would be the best way to truly learn and appreciate the music you have decided to master. This can be hard cause carrying a piano would be extremely complicated. However, we found that there are some pretty cool apps floating around so you can literally take your piano anywhere you go. Ever get the urge to practice you can!

Sight Reading HD (iOS)

This app is designed to help you master reading sheet music. One of the most complicated aspects of learning to play music, sight reading music is a key skill that is important to hone. With this app it will provide you an alternative while on the T to learn how the keys should sound and which note is which. It is a good way to practice while on the go. Each level helps you by having you choose which key is what which makes you relate the two together rather than just memorization.

Sheet Music Workout (Android)

This app combines practice and quizzes so that you can learn how to maneuver your way through sheet music. When you have a quiz you can go through seeing the notes and telling which one it is. It will time you and keep track of the number of wrong attempts that you have gone through. It is a good way to test yourself while learning what is important.

piano walkBetter Ears Beginner (iOS)

This app works to train your musical ear. It was created to help you differentiate the notes and learn to grow your music skills and enhance any of your hearing capabilities you have. With multiple exercises it will help you understand single notes and chords. While it is limited to the amount it has, it is still a good starting app.

Perfect Ear (Android)

This app is similar to Better Ears. It allows you to advance through the lessons in order to improve your indentification of regular chords as well as scales. This app is designed to help you maintain your good hearing and help you figure out how to identify notes.

Virtual Piano

This one is available on your computer. With this amazing site you are able to play a piano on y
our computer. Using your keyboard, you are able to play a variety of songs from classics to modern music. It is an amazing website, and while it takes a whole new level of concentration it is good to keep your brain working and hearing the music.

These apps and sites are a good way to bring a piano with you wherever you go. It will not however replace a proper piano with lessons. When you are ready for that stage of life to begin and you need a piano store in New Hampshire, call Darrell’s Music Hall at 800-339-6818.