The Versatility of Pianos

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on November 28, 2018

Pianos are a wondrous and versatile instrument. Most people are unaware that classical piano music holds various genres of music. Modern music genres are easy to tell apart. Jazz and pop sound relatively nothing alike. While it may be harder to understand the variations of classical music, understanding the terminology will help. Of the classical genres, there are five that stand out. Once you know the variety of styles, look into piano sales to try and play some for yourself!

Piano Concerto

A concerto is made up of two parts: an orchestral ensemble and a soloist. Sometimes that soloist is replaced by a smaller group of musicians. The emphasis falls on the contrast between these different parts. For a piano concerto, the piano acts as the soloist. Look into piano sales today, and you can be that soloist.

Piano Sonata

Although a sonata can refer to multiple things, it usually refers to a form of music from the classical period that comes in movements. Three to four movements make up a sonata. For a piano sonata, there is a solo piano playing these three to four movements.

Piano Trio

As can be expected, a piano trio is a piano accompanied by two other instruments. As far as chamber music goes, a piano trio is the most common form. More often than not a cello and violin are the other instruments in a piano trio, though there are variations.

Piano Quintet

Following the idea of a piano trio, a piano quintet is a piano accompanied by other instruments. This time, it’s a piano and four other instruments. The most heard of pairing is a piano playing alongside a string quartet.

Solo Piano

There are few limits to what a solo piano work can look like. There’s the etude, which helps a pianist practice their skill. There’s the polonaise, which plays a Polish slow dance at ¾ speed. Then there’s also the ballade which holds narrative and dramatic qualities in one movement. Other types of solo piano styles include the waltz, the prelude, the nocturne, the mazurka, and the scherzo.

A piano is arguably the most famous instrument in the world. Due to its nuanced styles, a piano fits perfectly into any genre of classical music. For piano sales in New Hampshire, contact Darrell’s Music Hall at 800-339-6818 or visit them online.