What is TransAcoustic Technology?

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on March 22, 2019

If you are a music enthusiast, you know Yamaha is on top of their game.  Offering the latest in piano technology, the upright Yamaha U1 TransAcoustic Piano surpasses any other piano in sound.  Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician, the piano offers unprecedented performance, tone, touch, and durability.  If you are in the market for the latest technology in pianos, Darrell’s Music Hall specializes in piano sales in NH.

3-D Sound

The Yamaha U1 TransAcoustic utilizes the soundboard by infusing it with vibrational energy.  Resulting in a sound of real acoustic resonance.  The quality of the produced sound evokes a richness not found with a traditional piano.  Typically we have sound directed at us from a single source, 3-D sound creates a multi-dimensional sound.

Acoustic Optimization

Introducing transducers specifically for acoustic pianos, Yamaha specially designed these for the U1.  Thus, only lightweight vibrating parts are installed on the soundboard.  This results in the optimal output of sound.  Optimization of sound is essential to the experienced ear.

Digital Domain

With all elements of the piano resonating harmoniously, an unparalleled experience is created.  As the elements amplify and accentuate performance, players and audience alike will be brought to a new dimension of sound. By using the same acoustic elements, Yamaha brings digital sounds to life.


Yamaha has created a piano that utilizes all of the features of the traditional acoustic elements in a digital realm.  With the ability to control volume without losing the richness of sound, players can enjoy the optimal sound at any time of the day.  For piano sales in NH, visit Darrel’s Music Hall.  An exclusive seller of Yamaha pianos, this 3rd generation family owned business provides outstanding customer support.  Informative and friendly, the professional staff at Darrell’s can help you choose which piano will best suit your playing level and needs.  Contact them today at (800) 339-6818.