Which Style of Music are You?

Posted by Darrell's Music Hall on October 28, 2018

Turning on the radio for your drive to work, you probably know what kind of music will start playing. Everybody has their own preference in artists and genres with radio stations tailored to them. It’s hard to believe that all western music evolved from the same roots of Guido D’Arezzo’s writings in Medieval times.  Some people enjoy the high-energy bops of the pop genre while others prefer the gentler tunes of pianos in New Hampshire. Everybody has a music style that fits their personality. Here are some of the popular genres!


Country in and of itself has changed so much over time. It originated from the sounds of Western and Blues music. It has a twang and attitude all it’s own that appeals to a simpler life. You’re country music if you like long days riding your trucks down backroads and living in the moment with your friends.


Jazz is grand. It’s stylistic and showy with a smooth groove. You are jazz music if you have a swagger in your walk. You’re unbothered by the events of the world because you understand the nuance between comedy and tragedy. Jazz makes a lot of use of pianos in New Hampshire.

Hip Hop

You relate to the hip hop genre of music if you have a swagger in your walk. You’re robust but approachable and know how to have fun. Hip-hop is all about style and playful anger. You know how to channel what makes you angry into creative practices. You’re a happier and stronger person for it.


You can be described as bubbly, possibly even bubblegum. There’s energy in everything you do, and bright colors like yellows and pinks appeal to you. Some people may underestimate you and think you’re ditzy, but if they really listen to you, they’ll see just how clever you can be.


The original rebel, you’re not one to be messed with. When you see something that isn’t right, you point it out and expect change. Rock music was considered heathen music when it first came out. While you don’t consider yourself a heathen, you live the way you want and don’t care who cares about it.

Music speaks volumes to those who listen and connect with it. It’s meant to entertain and inspire. If you’re inspired by music, try taking up music lessons for pianos in New Hampshire. For sheet music and instruments, contact Darrell’s Music Hall at 800-339-6818 or visit them online!